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If you’ve seen celebrities or athletes with perfect red circles on their backs, or around their bodies, then you’ve seen the aftermath of cupping therapy. This popular treatment has gained regard over the past decade as it can help extract toxins, reduce pain, and more! Continue reading to see how cupping therapy in Denver can benefit you.

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Cupping therapy has been used for centuries as a therapeutic intervention to alleviate pain and inflammation. This terrific therapy has gained national attention in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. At Ideal Health Chiropractic, we have been providing this effective therapy for years. But, we knew we could do better. We wanted to take our cupping therapy in Denver to the next level. We’re very proud to announce that we’ve improved upon this therapy with our new Cupping PLUS Treatment! Let’s break down this innovative cupping therapy and dive into the ways that our new approach can benefit you.

Recap: What Is Cupping Therapy?

In order to fully understand our new cupping therapy in Denver, let’s briefly recap the practice first. Cupping therapy was originally developed as an ancient traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Records indicate that cupping therapy was originally introduced sometime in the third century. The starting point can be debated though, as there are conflicting records as to when cupping was first practiced.

Cupping therapy is basically what it sounds like. Cupping is the practice of creating local suction on the skin for therapeutic benefits. Small suction cups are primarily used for cupping therapy. This therapeutic practice has the power to alleviate pain and inflammation, and improve circulatory problems as well.

In a cupping treatment, small suction cups will be placed on the skin. Suction can be created through the use of heat, as cups are heated with fire and then applied to skin. As they cool off, the cups naturally draw the skin inside. Newer tech has made it easier to create suction without any heat. As the skin is drawn inside the cup, your blood vessels expand and tension is released in your muscles. It’s a highly effective therapy that can treat pain, inflammation, and more.

Our New Cupping PLUS Treatment

Our new approach to cupping therapy in Denver goes above and beyond the traditional treatment. There are a number of distinctions that make our new Cupping PLUS treatment more effective than the traditional approach.

First and foremost, our innovative Cupping PLUS treatment includes a full body adjustment. Our chiropractor will work his magic to adjust your spine prior to any cupping therapy. This adjustment will help improve your mobility, flexibility, and the health of your spine and cartilage.

In addition, you have your choice of cup types during the PLUS session. You can either stick with traditional suction cups or use suction cups that are hooked up to an electrical stimulation machine. The added e-stim can provide you with numerous health benefits, as it directs sound waves to your injured area. The e-stim should help relax your muscles and quell inflammation in the body.

And finally, the Cupping PLUS treatment also involves the use of a specially designed lotion. Dr. Funk developed this lotion on his own, so that you know exactly what’s in it and how it benefits you. The lotion is comprised of:

  • Magnesium - To further relax your muscles.
  • Turmeric - To help reduce inflammation.
  • MSM - To repair your muscles.
  • Lavender essential oil - To create a soothing/calming effect.

By combining all of these chiropractic practices into one treatment, you receive tons of health benefits. Our innovative cupping therapy in Denver has been specifically designed to provide the maximum relief possible.

What To Expect From This Unique Cupping Therapy In Denver

By the end of your cupping PLUS treatment, you’ll experience a deep feeling of relaxation. The therapy can also provide significant pain relief and inflammation reduction for you. With less pain and a more relaxed temperament, nothing will slow you down!

Similar to traditional cupping therapy, the suction cups may leave slight bruises or dark marks. These bruises could indicate that you have poor circulation or high levels of toxins. Those marks usually last for only a few days, but they can linger for a week or two.

You may also experience slight soreness for roughly 24-36 hours. The specialized lotion for our PLUS treatment should help reduce your recovery time as well. It is worth mentioning that the effects of cupping therapy can vary from person to person.

Book Your First Cupping PLUS Treatment

Are those typical chiropractic visits not cutting it anymore? Does your pain stick around after your standard treatments? Then maybe it’s time to try a therapy that is a bit more innovative.

At Ideal Health Chiropractic, we are proud to offer this new and exciting form of cupping therapy in Denver. We’re positive that after one session you won’t settle for anything less than our PLUS treatment.

Book your first PLUS treatment today and get the relief that you deserve with our innovative cupping therapy in Denver!

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Friday, 08 June 2018 08:08

What Is Cupping Therapy?

Having gained media attention from swimming sensation Michael Phelps, cupping therapy has become increasingly more popular in recent years. From fitness influencers to professional athletes, the circular bruises left behind by this common therapy regimen are seen across social platforms, leaving many people asking, “What in the world?”

So, What In The World Is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping has been around for much longer than most people know. With roots in ancient, alternative medicine, cupping is a therapy that helps with pain, inflammation, and blood flow.

There are two different methods of cupping: dry or wet. During both cupping methods, a therapist will light a flammable substance inside the cup, placing it upside down on a specific area as the fire goes out. The air inside the cup then cools, creating a vacuum on your skin. A recent evolution to the technique uses rubber cups that suction air without the use of fire. This causes the blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow to the area.

The therapy can be done through a static or dynamic process. In static cupping, the cups will remain on your skin for approximately three minutes, while with dynamic cupping, the cups are continuously moved toward the lymphatic system.

Cupping Therapy: More Than Just Sports Recovery

While cupping massage has become highly popularized in sports circles, it is more than just another type of massage therapy. Cupping therapy also opens the body up to encourage detoxification by creating a space to drain toxins from cells. Your body does this naturally through the lymphatic system, so using cupping therapy to direct those toxins to the right areas, gives your body an extra boost.

What To Expect With Cupping Therapy

With cupping marks being featured everywhere from Olympic podiums to your best friend's Instagram feed, it can be a little intimidating to jump right into a therapy that can leave the gnarly looking red welts. However, it does provide a number of benefits that make the potential for bruising worth it. Here are some common fears surrounding cupping and some idea of what you can really expect when trying out this therapy.

It Isn't As Painful As It Looks

The bruises are indicative of poor circulation or higher levels of toxicity, so darker marks are not representative of the intensity of the therapy itself. That's not to say you won't experience any discomfort or soreness, but the feeling is commonly described as similar to deep tissue massage or intense foam rolling. Any lingering soreness often subsides after 24-36 hours. But, any pain effects will vary from person to person.

There's More Than One Option

With both stagnant and dynamic cupping therapies available, you can try out different methods to see what works best for your lifestyle and physical mobility.

Check With Your Doctor

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for cupping therapy. It's always best to check with your regular physician before trying any new form of therapy.

What Are The Benefits Of Cupping?

The benefits of cupping range far and wide. By increasing blood flow and pushing toxins towards the lymphatic system, cupping serves as a catalyst for the body to do what it does on its own more quickly. Some of the specific benefits include:

  • Eliminating physical and psychological weakness
  • Reducing fever
  • Fighting dermatological diseases, including acne, herpes, and boils
  • Supports the prevention of liver disease
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Treating gastrointestinal diseases
  • Treating rheumatic diseases
  • Supporting the nervous system

For all these reasons, cupping has become a common and popular treatment for all types of people, from professional athletes to your average individual.

Interested in trying cupping therapy for yourself? Contact Dr. Funk at Ideal Health Chiropractic today.

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