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Here at Ideal Health, our doctor, Gregory Funk, has been practicing chiropractic for over 15+ years! With a convenient Downtown Denver location, our office is the perfect spot for workday adjustments or a quick appointment in between meetings. However, we also understand that our Downtown Denver office may not be the most accessible for everyone, which is why we recently opened up a brand new home office in Highlands Ranch! Our new office is located at 4962 Ashbrook Circle Highlands Ranch, CO 80130. So, save that in your address book and get to scheduling with a Highlands Ranch chiropractor today!

We are so excited that Ideal Health is now operating out of our home office in Highlands Ranch. We felt that this new location would make it even easier for anyone to receive the chiropractic care they need. If you’re not able to swing an appointment at our Downtown Denver office, check out these 5 reasons to book with our Highlands Ranch chiropractor.

Plenty Of Availability

While our Downtown Denver office operates Monday, Wednesday, Friday, our home office will be open for appointments on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays! With this flexibility, we know there will be a time available for everyone to come in. Head over to our booking calendar to see our latest appointments!

Free Parking

Though our Downtown Denver location is perfect for 9-5ers and the corporate world, parking can sometimes be difficult. If you struggle with finding parking downtown, book an appointment with a Highlands Ranch chiropractor at our home office. Not only is there always parking, it’s also free!

Convenient Location

Located just off of i-25 and Lincoln Ave in Highlands Ranch, this is the perfect location for those who live in the Denver Metro Area and don’t want to drive downtown. It’s also quiet and easily accessible - making it a great location for a quick, in-and-out appointment.

Top Level Of Safety

If you’re not quite ready to go into an office building at a time like this, our home office is perfect for you. Operating under the highest level of safety, we are happy to be following all of the CDC’s latest recommendations to ensure that our office is clean and safe for our clients. If you’re ready to book an appointment with a Highlands Ranch chiropractor, our new office is an excellent option.

A Change Of Scenery

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the city and get a change of scenery. If lately you’ve been wanting an escape to the suburbs, booking with a Highlands Ranch chiropractor could be just what you need. Our new location offers a simple and easy way to get the care you need without having to go into the city.

Schedule Your Session With A Highlands Ranch Chiropractor

Whether or not you’ve visited our main Downtown Denver location, come and see us at our new Highlands Ranch home office. With a convenient area, good accessibility, and plenty of availability, visiting our newest office is quick and easy!

At Ideal Health, there’s nothing we care more about than our customers. We are constantly looking for new ways to make things even better for them, which is why we believe this second location will make our chiropractic care even more accessible and simple. If you’re interested in booking with a Highlands Ranch chiropractor, be sure to reach out to us!

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Chiropractic adjustments can offer countless benefits for people of all ages. From increased flexibility to detoxing your body, a chiropractic adjustment is a great non-invasive method for pain management. If you’ve finally decided to book your first chiropractic adjustment, you may be wondering how you can maximize those benefits. It all comes down to how you prepare for your appointment!

While you are not required to do anything leading up to your adjustment, preparing for your appointment is never a bad idea. We value education here at Ideal Health Chiropractic and we aim to support your health however we can. Our chiropractic staff developed this expert guide on how you can best prepare for your first chiropractic session.

Do Your Research

One of the first steps that everyone should take when preparing for their first chiropractic appointment is doing their due diligence.

Start off by leveraging popular search engines to your advantage and leafing through reviews. Look for high-caliber reviews and recommendations from people with similar afflictions as you.

You might also want to speak with friends or family to see if they have personal recommendations. When looking for a chiropractor, look out for offerings like “on-going plans.” A trusted chiropractor should be focused on your health and they will actually want to limit the number of times you come into their office. They should develop customized plans for each client with a definitive end date goal. It’s essential to do your research and read through testimonials to find the best well-rounded chiropractor for you.

Though there may be a lot of chiropractors to choose from, research will help you weed out the good from the bad.

Arrive Early

Especially at your initial appointment, it’s best to arrive at least 15 minutes early. While you're waiting, it’s also a great idea to do some stretching. Your chiropractor’s office might even have a list of recommended stretches for you to utilize in the waiting room.

Since it’s your first chiropractic adjustment, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork before your session. A top chiropractor will walk you through everything and address any questions and concerns right away. Don’t worry about being nervous for your appointment! The best chiropractors are well-trained and highly educated, so you’ll be in good hands.

We know your first adjustment can be a little nerve-racking, but remember to allot some time to be there early.

Dress Comfortably

In most scenarios, clients will be fully clothed while the chiropractor makes the adjustments. There are, however, some instances where you may need to change into some provided clothing, such as with a treatment like electric stimulation. In order to get the most benefit out of your adjustment, it’s very important that you wear comfortable, easily-manipulated clothing. We’d recommend loose fitting athletic clothing in particular.

On the day of your first chiropractic appointment, make sure you bring along some comfortable clothing.


At the end of the day, it’s always a good idea to remember why you booked your appointment in the first place. Let yourself relax. Your first chiropractic appointment can be an interesting experience, but it’s important to stay calm. As an experienced chiropractor, we will always reassure you and give you direct instructions. We’re here to make your pain go away, so don’t be afraid of the initial learning curve. Sit tight and think of the future benefits you are about to reap from your adjustment!

Though your first chiropractic adjustment can be a little intimidating, remember to sit back and relax.

Book Your First Chiropractic Adjustment Today

At Ideal Health, we work to make first chiropractic appointments as seamless and simple as possible. When you book with us, we’ll address all of your issues at the source and develop a customized treatment plan to combat them.

Are you ready to finally take the leap and schedule your first chiropractic adjustment? Book your first session with Ideal Health Chiropractic today to find out how we can help you!

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In our chaotic world, we can quickly become frustrated by things that feel like a waste of time. Chiropractic consultations in Denver can sometimes feel like that. You’re experiencing pain, you want to alleviate that pain quickly. But, chiropractic care isn’t something you should rush into. Your chiropractor needs to be the right fit for your needs and you can figure out your best option through consultations.

Chiropractic consultations are opportunities for you to learn more about the chiropractor, about yourself, and about the best approach to alleviate your pains. Take the time to turn the consultation into a conversation, rather than a roadblock.

Signs of High-Quality Chiropractic Consultations in Denver

Every chiropractor should be properly trained and certified, however each chiropractor may have different approaches to their consultations. Some may just ask you a series of questions, while others may take a more physical approach. Good chiropractic consultations will often include some of the following steps:


  • An examination of your medical history — This can help develop a treatment plan later down the line.
  • A discussion of your pain symptoms — Communicating openly about pains can demonstrate the expertise and character of the chiropractor.
  • An initial evaluation of your condition — Whether it’s through x-rays, hands-on treatment, or stretches, this step helps determine the best treatment for you.

If the consultation includes these steps, you may just be in the right place. But, these steps also help the chiropractor understand your specific situation further. So, how can consultations benefit you?

Learn more about what you can expect from a chiropractic consultation.

Benefits of Chiropractic Consultations in Denver

Your consultation is a foundational learning process for you and your doctor. By the time your chiropractic consultation is wrapping up, you should have:

  • A better understanding of your pain problems — If the chiropractor is as much of an expert as they claim, then they’ll have taught you a thing or two about your pain problems. You may even walk away with an idea of how to treat your pain at home.
  • Established a personal connection between you and the chiropractor — From your short chiropractic consultation in Denver, you’ll have an idea of the personality of the chiropractor and how they interact with clients. Hopefully, you two got along great!
  • Developed a personalized treatment plan — If they followed the right steps, your treatment plan should be well thought out and thoroughly prepared.
  • Have all of your questions answered — Like we said earlier, the consultation is a conversation. Use it to answer all of your questions, whether they’re spine-related or insurance-based.

If you’ve realized these benefits by the time you’re walking out the door, that chiropractor should be in the running as your best option.

Lessons You’ll Learn From Your Chiropractic Consultations

So maybe you’ve been able to visit a handful of chiropractors and you’re getting ready to make your final decision. It doesn’t have to be a stressful event! From your consultations, you should be able to know:

  • What may be causing your pains
  • If you can work with that chiropractor
  • If chiropractic care is the right choice for you (physical therapy could be a good alternative for you)

Hopefully, you use the knowledge that you gained from each of your chiropractic consultations in Denver to narrow down your choices and make the right decision for you.

Schedule Chiropractic Consultations in Denver with Dr. Funk

If you’re experiencing pain on a daily basis, the first step to alleviating that pain and improving your own health is by setting up your first chiropractic consultation. At Ideal Health Chiropractic, our in-house chiropractor, Dr. Gregory Funk, will work through your pain issues, medical history, and pressing questions to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is personalized to your needs.

We believe that chiropractic consultations in Denver should be thorough, informative, and timely. Schedule your first chiropractic consultation with Dr. Funk today and we’ll work through your spinal issues together.

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What To Expect At A Chiropractic Consultation

If you are considering chiropractic treatment, there are probably a plethora of questions running through your mind. What do I wear? How does the treatment work? What can I expect? If chiropractic is new to you, you may not know what to expect. That’s okay - and that’s why we do a chiropractic consultation before starting any type of treatment.

1. Patient History

The first thing you’ll do at your chiropractic consultation is going through your patient history. It will be important for your chiropractor to know of any previous surgeries you’ve had, any chronic illnesses you suffer from, and any injuries that cause problems for you. Whether or not you think these might be related to the reason for your appointment, let your chiropractor make that call. The more information you can provide them with, the better your treatment is likely to be.

2. Symptoms

The next part of your chiropractic consultation will be to discuss the symptoms that brought you into the chiropractor in the first place. There are a number of different scenarios in which regular chiropractic treatment can be beneficial, from back pain to muscle soreness to allergies, even. You want to have an open line of communication with your chiropractor from the first appointment so they can offer the best course of treatment to help you resolve your pain and any other symptoms you may experience.

3. Initial Evaluation

The evaluation plays a critical role in your chiropractic consultation. This step allows your doctor to get to know your body and the best way to treat it. This evaluation can include a variety of different methods, including x-rays, hands-on treatment, having you perform various static and dynamic stretches or a combination of all of these different tactics. All of these efforts can help your chiropractor determine what type of treatment will be the most beneficial for you.

4. Development Of Treatment Protocol

After your chiropractic consultation, you and your doctor will walk through the protocol for your treatment. In most cases, chiropractic treatments include a variety of different methods, all playing a unique role in your well-being.

  • Spinal Adjustments - Spinal adjustments are an integral part of chiropractic medicine. With both traditional and no-pop options, your chiropractor can use this technique to relieve pressure between your joints and realign your spine.
  • Electronic Stimulation - This technique is often used in combination with other methods determined in a chiropractic consultation for pain relief. Electric pulses can be used to stimulate deep in the nervous system and block pain receptors or retrain muscles.
  • Cupping - Cupping is a branch of massage therapy that encourages blood flow to an area of injury. It has been proven to be a very beneficial method of treatment for relieving muscle tension.
  • Massage Therapy - Traditional massage therapy can help support the course of treatment you and your doctor determine during your chiropractic consultation.
  • Stretching & Exercises - Depending on the origin of your symptoms, your chiropractor can provide you with stretches and exercises that help you balance the wear and tear your everyday life can wreak on your body.

Chiropractic Consultation & Ongoing Treatment

The first step to pain relief and an improved well-being is setting up a chiropractic consultation. Finding the right course of healing or preventative treatment can be a life-changing decision. Schedule a chiropractic consultation with Dr. Funk at Ideal Health today.

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Chiropractic Appointment: What To Expect

Going to a chiropractic appointment without knowing what to expect can be a nerve-wracking experience. Understanding what chiropractic medicine is, what a chiropractor does, and how a chiropractic appointment can help you treat and prevent aches, pains, and injuries are the best way to determine if chiropractic care is right for you.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, chiropractic medicine focuses on the musculoskeletal and nervous system. A chiropractor can treat symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and headaches. This is done through a hands-on, holistic approach that includes spinal manipulation and rehabilitative exercises.

What Happens First at a Chiropractic Appointment?

An initial chiropractic appointment will begin with diagnostic testing that may include x-rays, a physical exam, and analysis of the performance of various exercises or movements. You will also fill out paperwork detailing your medical history, including previous injuries. All of this information helps the chiropractor determine the most effective course of treatment.

Collaborative Medicine

Your initial exam can tell your doctor if chiropractic medicine is the best option to help you recover from an injury, relieve pain, or improve your general well-being. If a severe medical condition does exist, your chiropractor can collaborate with your regular physician or physical therapist to develop a treatment plan for you.

Traditional Chiropractic Appointment

After your initial exam and for all of your following chiropractic appointments, you will lie on a table that accommodates for a variety of methods of adjustments. Beginning face down, your doctor will perform spinal manipulation, a procedure that helps restore mobility through controlled force. These manual adjustments can be done in any area where joints have become hypomobile due to injury to the tissue.

No-Pop Options

Some patients either prefer or require a non-traditional approach to chiropractic care. These non-force techniques offer relief without the common trademarks of chiropractic medicine, such as the popping of joints.

What Else?

Non-manual therapy may also accompany your regular treatment in a chiropractic appointment. This may be something as simple as ice or heat, or a more complex method of treatment like electric stimulation. Electric stimulation is applied through adhesive patches. The electrodes are applied to specific areas and target muscles to contract. It mimics the natural movement of the muscles and helps to improve range of motion and circulation. It is a non-invasive method of treatment that causes a tingling feeling in the area of application.

Should I See A Chiropractor?

Seeing a chiropractor can be beneficial if you suffer from the following types of problems:

  • Stiffness
  • Body aches
  • Chronic pain
  • Joint immobility
  • Muscle spasms
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Hip pain
  • Sciatica

Not only is it helpful in treating injury, aches, and pains, but it is also beneficial for improving overall health.

Schedule a consultation for a chiropractic appointment with Dr. Funk today and see what chiropractic care can do for you.

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