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Tuesday, 17 August 2021 12:40

5 Reasons To Try Cupping Therapy In Denver, CO

Cupping therapy has been practiced for thousands of years to treat a wide array of conditions and symptoms. Over the past few decades, cupping therapy has gained widespread recognition as an effective manual therapy treatment. Are you on the fence about trying cupping therapy in Denver, CO? If you are, here are a few reasons to give this innovative therapy a try.

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Millions of Americans struggle with back or neck pain on a daily basis. If you suffer from spinal-related pain, then you're likely looking for fast and effective relief. As it turns out, stretching is one of the best ways to alleviate pain in the short- and long-term. And our chiropractor in Highlands Ranch, CO has the perfect stretches for you to try!

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Everyone knows a trip to the chiropractor is an effective way to alleviate your aches and pains. But how can you make the most of your chiropractor appointment in Denver? What steps can you take to maximize your pain relief? As it turns out, there are plenty of ways to amplify the impact of your trip to the chiropractor.

At Ideal Health, we are focused on helping our patients experience lasting pain relief. So, we've rounded up seven of the best ways to help you take full advantage of your chiropractic adjustment

1. Get And Stay Hydrated

It might sound obvious, but it's important to stay properly hydrated throughout the day. And it may surprise you to learn that proper hydration is key for your spinal health too.

Your back pain can be directly connected to a lack of hydration (SpineUniverse). When you are dehydrated, the vertebra of your spine will lack the fluid needed to cushion your bones. This can cause your vertebra to become drier and more brittle, which can exacerbate your back pain.

Make sure you drink several glasses of water in the morning, prior to your chiropractic appointment.

2. Take A Short Walk Beforehand

If you can walk from your office to your chiropractor, do so! A pleasant 5-10 minute walk outside will help loosen up your muscles, improve your circulation, and prepare your body for its spinal manipulation. And a little bit of fresh air could probably do you some good too before your appointment.

3. Book Other Therapies Beforehand

Chiropractic therapy offers a terrific way to alleviate pain, but it's not the only pain relief therapy out there! Other therapeutic interventions, like massage therapy and physical therapy, can help alleviate pain and prime your body for your chiropractic appointment.

4. Limber Up

Stretching is one of the best things that you can do to alleviate your daily aches and pains! Experts all across the healthcare industry agree that stretching will help relieve pain in the short- and long-term.

Before your chiropractor appointment in Denver, take at least 10 minutes to stretch out your body. You could even try working through some of these stretches, but you should mainly focus on the areas with the most pain.

Your chiropractor may even have some stretching tools available for your use in their waiting room!

5. Avoid Sitting On Your Wallet

Most men tend to place their wallets in one of their back pockets. However, you should instead put your wallet in your front pocket, and not just on the day of your spinal adjustment.

When you sit on your wallet, this will force one hip to sit higher than the other for long stretches of time. This places undue strain on your lower back and sciatic nerve, which can lead to lasting and recurring lower back pain.

Try to change this behavior now to reap the long-term pain relief benefits.

6. Eat A Light Snack

It's never a good idea to go into a chiropractic session on an empty stomach. This is mainly because you don't want to have low blood sugar during your treatment. Lower blood sugar levels may increase your sensitivity to the adjustment, which may cause you to feel nauseous, faint, or even weak.

Don't forget to have a nice healthy snack before heading to the chiropractic clinic.

7. Take Advantage Of Their Additional Therapies

While every chiropractor can perform a spinal adjustment, each individual practitioner may offer specialty services and other alternative pain relief therapies. If you really want to maximize your pain relief, then you may want to consider tacking on those treatments to your appointment.

For instance, at Ideal Health Chiropractic, we can make your full body adjustment even more effective by wrapping up your appointment with a number of therapies. These include:

By adding these therapies to your appointment, you can experience greater and longer-lasting pain relief.

Book Your Chiropractor Appointment In Denver With Ideal Health

Don't let your daily aches and pains get the better of you! At Ideal Health Chiropractic, we will help you achieve effective pain relief by developing a personalized treatment plan for you. Our experienced chiropractor will take the time to understand the history of your pain so that we can help you find long-lasting relief.

Experience better pain relief by booking your first chiropractor appointment in Denver with Ideal Health Chiropractic today!

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When you’re ready to book your first appointment with a chiropractor, you only want the best. And while chiropractic care is an excellent way to relieve pain and discomfort, the process for newcomers can be a little intimidating. Here at Ideal Health, we have been in the chiropractic business for 15+ years which gives us expert knowledge and expertise in the industry. So with this insight, we’ve put together a guide on the 5 attributes the top chiropractors in downtown Denver will have. Let’s dive right in!


The last thing you want when you show up to your very first chiropractic adjustment is a chiropractor who is uptight and unwelcoming. You want to feel at-ease knowing that from the minute you arrive in the office, you are well taken care of. That’s why only the best chiropractors in downtown Denver will always be personable to their clients. And here at Ideal Health, our expert chiropractor Doctor Gregory Funk prides himself on his enthusiastic and friendly energy. Dr. Funk has a passion for helping people, and that comes across in every aspect of his work. So when it comes to your health, don’t settle for anything less!


A top chiropractor will ideally have years of experience and knowledge. While everyone’s bound to start somewhere, a chiropractor who is experienced is typically the best for new patients. With plenty of years under their belt, an experienced chiropractor will have seen just about anything - allowing them to have expert insight. A reputable chiropractor will also have all of their credentials and degrees, certifying they are able to practice safely and legally. So if you’re at all nervous or intimidated about scheduling an appointment, make sure you book with someone well-versed in the practice.


Another attribute displayed only by the top chiropractors in downtown Denver is a sense of dependability. When you block out time on your calendar, you want to make sure it’s going to be for a good reason. When chiropractors are flakey or ambiguous, it can make you feel apprehensive about booking with them and even more nervous about the appointment. But with a dependable chiropractor, you’ll always feel reassured that you’re choosing the perfect provider for your needs.


Quality chiropractic care shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. And here at Ideal Health, we know how frustrating it is to see clinics overcharging for adjustments. We believe that everyone should have access to a variety of pain management techniques. That’s why we offer our services at some of the lowest prices in the Denver area. And whether you’re looking for chiropractic care or acupuncture, we have a variety of therapies available. We even partner with Wayfare Wellness to offer affordable and specialized massage therapy work! So whether you’re interested in basic care or a little something extra, we’ve got you covered.


Last but not least, you really want to make sure your chiropractor is trustworthy. You should always feel comfortable and trusting in their care at all times. If you’re worried or nervous around them, there’s a good chance that they are not the chiropractor for you. In addition, you should always be able to trust that your chiropractor is respecting your boundaries. Some adjustments can be full-body while some could be more targeted, but either way, your doctor should only work on areas that you feel comfortable with. So make sure that when you’re booking with top chiropractors in downtown Denver, you feel that you can trust them wholeheartedly.

Book Your Appointment With One of The Top Chiropractors In Downtown Denver

We know it can be difficult finding the perfect chiropractor for you. So when it comes time to schedule that initial consultation, make sure you keep in mind these 5 attributes to see if they check all of the boxes.

Here at Ideal Health, we are passionate about providing the best care possible. With countless innovative therapies and technologies, we are proud to be able to offer cutting-edge treatment at reasonable rates. If you’re ready to start feeling better, schedule a new-patient consultation with one of the top chiropractors in downtown Denver.

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You wouldn’t believe how many different afflictions we treat on a daily basis. From horrible sciatic pain to diabetic ulcers, we strive to provide high-quality treatments for as many conditions as possible. But, sometimes a spinal adjustment just doesn’t do the trick. To provide the best treatment for everyone, our chiropractors can also offer and create fully custom orthotics in Denver. Orthotics could be the missing key to improving your health and achieving a pain-free life! You might be surprised at how effectively Denver orthotics can treat your pain.

What Are Custom Orthotics?

The concept of orthotics isn’t that hard to understand. Basically, orthotics are shoe inserts that are specifically designed to support your feet and alleviate your pain. Not all orthotics in Denver are the same though! We pride ourselves on fully customizing orthotics for each patient who needs them. We believe our custom designs are far more effective than the generic shoe inserts some companies offer.

Custom orthotics in Denver can be separated into two major categories:

  • Functional orthotics - To help adjust irregular motion in the foot and ankle joints.
  • Accommodative orthotics - To provide extra support and protection.

Regardless of which category they fall under, orthotics can definitely help with alleviating your pain.

How Exactly Do Orthotics Work?

Within the scientific community, there is a general consensus that orthotics work and that they work well. However, it’s still not entirely clear exactly how or why orthotics work. Some experts believe that the shoe inserts correct skeletal alignment problems. Others in the scientific community believe orthotics influence muscular activity instead. More research may be needed to fully develop a thorough answer to this question.

At Ideal Health, we believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Whenever we craft custom orthotics in Denver, we develop those shoe inserts to retrain your feet and your body for the better. Our Denver orthotics are designed to help guide your foot into an ideal position for every stage of walking and running. With the right materials giving the right amount of resistance, orthotics work to realign your body and properly re-distribute your weight. Over time, the arches in your feet will adjust and you’ll experience far less chronic pain.

What Conditions Can Benefit From Custom Orthotics In Denver?

The main goal of any orthotics piece is to alleviate pain throughout the body. Incredibly, a personalized shoe insert can benefit a plethora of medical conditions! Our custom orthotics in Denver can help improve a number of conditions, including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel spurs
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Ankle and foot injuries
  • And much more!

If you suffer from one of the conditions listed above, you could be an ideal candidate for orthotics in Denver.

Our Approach To Custom Orthotics In Denver

You might have seen those ugly mall kiosks for orthotics. Those machines recommend certain shoe inserts based on a quick evaluation of your feet. But, those kinds of massively produced orthotics offer ineffective treatments for chronic pain. Orthotics should never be made on an assembly line. Instead, your shoe inserts need to be specifically designed for your feet and your feet alone. That’s the Ideal Health approach to custom orthotics in Denver.

When you visit Ideal Health, our chiropractic staff will first complete an initial evaluation of your back pain. This helps us determine if you’re an ideal candidate for orthotics in Denver. If so, you might be eager to get shoe inserts that same day. But, at Ideal Health we’re more invested in your health and wellness than our paycheck. Instead of charging you up-front for orthotics (that might not work), we save you money first by wrapping your feet up that same day. This way, you can go about your day and see if the added support makes a difference for your daily pain. No one likes to pay for a service only to discover that they don’t actually need it. This step in our approach prevents that negative experience.

If your pain is relieved, then we will begin the process of making your custom orthotics in Denver. Typically this process involves 3 phases:

  • Biomechanical Evaluation - This phase involves a few weight-bearing and non-weight-bearing assessments. The results help us determine a number of important factors that could influence your orthotics.
  • Casting and Creation - Our chiropractor will use a plaster mold to cast your feet and create your custom orthotics in Denver. We make sure they’re durable and flexible by using materials like plastic, graphite, and other cushioners.
  • Reassessment - Once you have your orthotics in Denver, our chiropractor will reassess their effectiveness at each appointment. We’ll check for signs of wear-and-tear and see if your prescription requires any changes.

We’re very proud of how we develop custom orthotics in Denver. We’re positive that your shoe inserts will effectively alleviate your pain and help you live a happier lifestyle.

Get The Best Custom Orthotics In Denver

Do you live with daily pain? Is the weekly spinal adjustment not cutting it anymore? Are you ready for real results? Then it’s time to get the best Denver orthotics! Our chiropractic staff is entirely focused on improving your health and helping you find pain relief. We’ll work diligently to ensure your shoe inserts make a real difference in your daily life.

Book you first appointment with Ideal Health today and get the best custom orthotics in Denver for your needs!

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All too often, we prioritize work ahead of ourselves. We neglect the importance of self-care, focusing more on our deadlines rather than our pains. With so many chiropractic options to choose from in the Denver area, it’s difficult to know which one is the best option for you. To help with your decision process, we wanted to discuss a few reasons why busy professionals should opt for a downtown Denver chiropractor.

1) A Convenient Location

From the suburbs of Lakewood to the gorgeous storefronts in the Highlands, the sprawling city of Denver has plenty to offer just about anyone. However, a great deal of cultural attractions, well-known restaurants, local businesses, and more are packed into downtown Denver. Once you wrap up your chiropractic appointment, regardless of which downtown Denver chiropractor you visit, you’ll find yourself in a bustling centralized hub of activity afterwards.

After your appointment, you have virtually limitless options for your next step. Following your adjustment in downtown Denver, you can:

  • Have lunch with a client - There’s no shortage of restaurant options in downtown Denver!
  • Attend a networking happy hour - Downtown Denver is always bustling with networking events.
  • Grab a coffee and catch up on emails - Whether you’re jonesing for Starbucks or a quick brew from an amazing local cafe, downtown has it all!
  • Or try something completely new!

Convenience is key, so the ability to hop on the light rail or walk to a nearby co-working space after your appointment with a downtown Denver chiropractor can make or break your patient experience.

2) Boost Your Work Day In Downtown

If you consistently find yourself dozing off or feeling lethargic throughout your workday, a downtown Denver chiropractor may be able to offer the pick-me-up you need to get through the day.

Chiropractic treatment has been shown to effectively increase patient energy, which in turn increases your productivity throughout your workday. This energy boost is due to the fact that pain burns up your energy. Whenever you experience pain, your body directs your excess energy towards your ailment to help it heal. When that pain is alleviated, that energy is no longer siphoned off.

A spinal adjustment can reduce tension in your spine and free up your nerves to work more effectively. Without the added pressure from your chronic pain, you’ll find you can devote more energy and attention to your work throughout the day.

3) Improve your Mood

If you work in downtown Denver, you’re more than familiar with the chaotic feelings associated with the centralized location. From your daily workflow to the afternoon rush hour, everything throughout the day can add on extra stress and can dampen your mood.

Fortunately, you can quickly alleviate your stress and improve your happiness from a quick adjustment by a leading downtown Denver chiropractor. Industry research has shown how effectively chiropractic care can reduce stress and improve your mood. Before you join the traffic surge, book a 30 minute adjustment and turn your evening commute into a relaxing drive.

4) Expertise from a Downtown Denver Chiropractor

Many chiropractors in downtown Denver have been practicing chiropractic care for years and years. Since the locations along 16th Street Mall are in such high demand, you can assume most downtown Denver chiropractors haven’t moved to new locations for quite some time.

Take Dr. Gregory Funk for instance, the founder of Ideal Health Chiropractic. Dr. Funk has been practicing chiropractic care and acupuncture for over 20 years. This means you’re getting the best possible treatment from an experienced professional. Get the reliable treatment you need in downtown Denver.

5) Treat your Pains

Of course, this pointer is an obvious statement. Your downtown Denver chiropractor should call upon their years of experience to effectively treat your pain, whatever they may be. If you’re suffering from chronic daily pain, then it’s time for you to book your chiropractic appointment.

Book Your First Appointment with the Best Downtown Denver Chiropractor

At Ideal Health Chiropractic, our downtown Denver chiropractor checks all of the boxes we’ve discussed above. Dr. Gregory Funk brings years of expertise to the table and is entirely focused on the physical and mental well-being of each visitor.

Check out our appointment calendar today and find the best appointment time slot to fit into your busy workday.

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The Benefits Of Acupuncture: A Complete Guide

The idea of needles tends to make people shy away from acupuncture as a form of therapy. Contrary to popular belief, acupuncture is a relatively painless treatment that can be used for a variety of different ailments. Relief from everything from allergies to chronic pain to emotional disorders is among the many benefits of acupuncture.

A Versatile Treatment

Acupuncture can be used in the treatment for a wide variety of ailments, making it one of the most versatile forms of therapy. Physical issues like back and neck pain, knee pain, muscle spasms, headaches, and arthritis can benefit from targeted acupuncture treatment. The benefits of acupuncture can also be felt in the treatment of other immune-related problems, such as allergies and digestive issues. Those with sleep or emotional disorders can also benefit from acupuncture. The ability to treat so many different kinds of problems makes acupuncture a unique form of therapy to be incorporated into any regular care regimen.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Acupuncture is a technique that stimulates specific channels in the body to “balance the flow of energy or life force.” It is believed that a flow called “chi” is the difference between the sick and the healthy and the imbalance of chi is when illness, pain, and other disorders can occur.

There are a variety of techniques that stimulate the benefits of acupuncture. The most common technique uses thin, metal needles that puncture the skin in one of the hundreds of acupoints throughout the body. Depending on the needs of the patient, ten to twenty needles will be inserted across a specific meridian in the body.

This targeted stimulation of specific channels helps balance the chi within the body, which in turn can relieve pain, illness, and other disorders. Learn more about the history and application of acupuncture.

Did You Say Needles...

The idea of needles can make many people squeamish, which is often why acupuncture is not already a part of their regular care routine. The technique uses specialized needles that are small enough to fit inside of a standard needle that may be used for a shot or to draw blood. This means that patients can reap the benefits of acupuncture in a relatively pain-free setting.

What To Expect At An Acupuncture Appointment

When you go to see an acupuncturist, it is much like any other health appointment. The specialist will speak with you to get a sense of any problems you are experiencing and the goals you hope to reach. A physical exam will follow so the acupuncturist can determine if there are any vital organs that are contributing to a chi imbalance. From there, the acupuncturist will place small, single-use needle along specific meridians and continuously examine for energy flow. The needles will remain along the meridians for a short period of time, after which they will be removed and you can go about your day. It is recommended that you drink plenty of water following an acupuncture appointment to assist the detoxifying process.

Experience The Benefits Of Acupuncture In Denver

The research on the benefits of acupuncture is ongoing, but it is an established form of therapy for many ailments from chronic pain to sleep and emotional disorders. Working with an experienced acupuncturist has been shown to provide lasting relief.

If you're interested in learning more about the benefits of acupuncture to relieve your chronic pain or illness, contact Dr. Funk at Ideal Health today for a consultation.

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Is Your Pillow Causing You Back Pain?

There can be many causes for back pain ranging from an automobile accident to a sports injury to genetics. One household item you may not consider could be a major player in keeping your back pain free - your pillow.

You hear all the time that getting 8 hours of sleep is important to your overall health, but what often gets left out is that you need 8 hours of good sleep for it to truly benefit you. Not only does getting enough sleep every night refresh your body, helping you be focused and productive the next day but it also helps support your immune system. Alternatively, not getting enough quality sleep is linked to increased inflammation in the body which can exacerbate existing causes of pain. So, how does your pillow play into this?

When you are sleeping, regardless of the position, the goal is to have your spine in a neutral position. This contributes to deeper, more restful sleep. If your pillow is not the right size or shape, you may find yourself sleeping in a position that is causing you aches and pains, not only during the day but throughout the night, too.

If you experience neck pain or stiffness during the day or are waking up from it during the night, your pillow may be the culprit. The wrong pillow can also cause back and shoulder pain as well.

Finding The Right Pillow

Back Sleepers

When you sleep on your back, it is very easy to have a pillow that is too big, causing your neck to strain forward. On the other hand, it is also easy to select a pillow that is too soft and does not provide enough support, so your neck strains backward.

The ideal pillow for back sleepers is one that has a medium firmness and retains the natural curve of your spine. This allows the muscles in your neck to stay relaxed throughout the night. Additionally, in order to relieve some of the strain in your lower back, a small pillow that slides under your knees at a relaxed, natural bend is a good idea. This alleviates some of the pressure that is put on your lower back when you are lying flat.

Side Sleepers

People who prefer to sleep on their sides will likely have more difficulty retaining alignment throughout the night, so the right pillow is all the more important for preventing back pain. When you sleep on your side in the correct position, it can actually reduce a significant amount of strain on your neck and back.

The ideal pillow for side sleepers will be larger and firm than that for people who sleep on their back. You need something big enough to bridge the gap between your shoulder and ear while on your side to retain a neutral alignment.

Keeping the pressure off your lower back and hips when sleeping on your side is another issue. Pulling your knees up towards your stomach is actually great for relieving pressure on your lower back, but we often find that those who prefer to sleep on their sides tend to slide into unnatural positions in an effort to relieve pressure. Reducing back pain for side sleepers can be as simple as adding an additional pillow between the legs to keep the hips aligned - whether that be a specialty pillow designed specifically for that purpose or a body pillow that keeps a more restless sleeper in place, this is a great option for reducing neck and back pain and getting a great night’s sleep.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach offers the least amount of support for your lower back. Additionally, a traditional sized pillow is often too large and forces the neck to strain backward when sleeping on your stomach.

The ideal pillow for stomach sleepers is sometimes no pillow at all. If you do prefer a pillow, we recommend a thin pillow that is softer in firmness so that you can minimize the strain that is put on your neck. You may also want to consider an additional thin pillow to place underneath your hips and offer your lower body some support.

No matter which position you prefer to sleep in, it is important to have the right pillow. With these tips, you will find yourself getting a better night’s sleep and experience less back and neck pain. If you're interested in improving your sleep cycle, contact Ideal Health Chiropractic today to learn more.

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Wednesday, 25 October 2017 07:51

Pain Management Options Are Expanding

Over the last fifteen years, we have seen a dramatic increase in opioid overdose deaths. In the United States, 91 people die every day of opioid overdose. Research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control shows that nearly 50 percent of those deaths are caused by the abuse of prescription opioids. For a long time, opioids have been considered as the best pain management option out there. But, those options are expanding.

What Are Opioids?

Opioids are a class of drug that is used to treat moderate to severe pain and can be prescribed to a patient by a doctor. In recent years, opioid use has become a more commonly accepted way to treat chronic pain that is unrelated to cancer or other diseases. Between 1999 and 2015, a number of opiates dispensed quadrupled. Alarmingly, the reports of pain over the same period of time have stayed relatively constant. This lends itself to what the CDC is calling an epidemic in opioid use for pain management.

One of the many problems with relying on opioids for pain management is that the treatment is highly addictive. One of the key side effects that make them so addictive is a patient can develop a tolerance to the medication, so it requires more of the opioid to get the same pain relief. Additionally, a patient can quickly develop a physical dependence that will cause them to experience withdrawal symptoms when they are not taking the opioid.

The Joint Commission

These side effects and the addictive qualities of opioids make them a less than ideal go-to solution for pain management. As the usage increases and the aftermath become more deadly, the Joint Commission is stepping in and developing updated regulations for pain assessment and management.

The Joint Commission is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is responsible for the accreditation and certification of health care organizations and programs. This accreditation and certification are recognized as a symbol of high-quality health care.

New Regulations for Pain Management

In July of this year, the Joint Commission released their official newsletter that included their enhanced requirements for pain assessment and management that accredited hospitals have to adhere to. These new standards will go into effect on January 1st, 2018.

After a full year of research and a standards review panel of experts, the new standards were released for comment in January of 2017 and included the following:

  1. Selection of a leadership team responsible specifically for pain management and safe opioid prescription practices.
  2. Including the patient in the development of their pain management plan.
  3. Setting reasonable and measurable goals for their plan.
  4. Maintaining and promoting safe opioid use through the identification and monitoring of potentially high-risk patients.
  5. Facilitating clinician access to prescription drug monitoring program databases.
  6. Conducting performance improvement activities focused on pain assessment and management for the purposes of increased safety and quality.

The overall goal of these new regulations is to encourage medical professionals and patients to look outside of quick fixes like opioids for pain management.

A New Take On Pain Management

With hospitals now being required to include non-pharmacologic treatments in plans to manage pain, more homeopathic options come to the forefront. Hospitals across the nation will now be partnering with and referring patients to chiropractors to provide their patients with a more complete management plan for their pains.

The priority of managing pain is being helping a person feel 100% again. Chiropractic serves as a long-term remedy for patients struggling with pain and will support the mission of decreasing opioid dependence and overdose.

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Spinal Adjustment: Can It Help Back Pain?

Did you know that at any given time, 31 million Americans experience low-back pain? In fact, low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide according to Global Burden Disease 2010. Furthermore, as asserted by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), back pain is the most common reason for missed work and the second most common reason for doctor office visits. Some estimate that up to 80% of the population will experience some sort of back problem at one point or another in their lives. You may be one of the millions who suffer from back pain, and you may be wondering if a spinal adjustment can help you.

What Causes Back Pain?

The back is an extraordinarily complicated and amazing structure made up of bones and muscles. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of back pain cases are not caused by serious conditions such as infection, fracture or arthritis. Many cases are mechanical in nature. For instance, the simplest of movements, like bending over for a ball at the park, and even poor posture can have painful results. In addition, we have all heard about injuries or accidents resulting in back pain, but conditions such as obesity and even the stress of everyday life can further complicate back pain.

Spinal Adjustment for Back Pain

Spinal adjustment/manipulation or chiropractic adjustment is a safe and effective spine pain treatment. Moreover, this treatment is non-invasive, drugless and in some cases an alternative to surgery. Some benefits of spinal adjustment range from temporary pain relief, to long term wellness and preventative care. As defined by the International Chiropractor’s Association (ICA), spinal adjustment is the specific thrust applied to the spine, or vertebra, using the spine itself and other parts of the body as levers to correct any malposition.

Who practices Spinal Adjustment?

Spinal adjustment is part of the larger health care profession known as chiropractic, which as a whole focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous system. Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) are trained to deal with not only back pain but also neck pain, joint pain, and headaches. Additionally, DCs are trained to provide and recommend therapeutic and rehabilitative exercise as well as nutritional and lifestyle counseling. Rest assured, DCs are trained and licensed professionals that go through extensive undergraduate studies and years of graduate-level work and train extensively at accredited chiropractic institutions.

Spinal adjustment is a well-known therapeutic procedure. If you seek to restore your mobility, alleviate your pain and muscle tightness call or book an appointment with Ideal Health Chiropractic today!

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