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Wednesday, 22 January 2020 07:59

How To Spot Red Flags With Denver Chiropractors

When you need fast and effective pain relief, a chiropractor is one of the best places to find that relief. A simple spinal adjustment can really work wonders for your body. You should, however, exercise caution as you choose between Denver chiropractors. While some chiropractors can provide exceptional care, there are many that fail to meet that same standard. You deserve the best chiropractic care and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than that. As you mull over your options, look out for some of these red flags. They are clear signs that a given chiropractor is the wrong choice for you.

Poor Customer Testimonials

This is always an obvious red flag, regardless of the business you’re considering. Customer reviews can offer you clear insights into the business practices of a given chiropractor. They can help you develop a clear picture of:

  • What you can expect from the chiropractor.
  • How they value and treat their customers.
  • What the typical quality of care may look like.

As you research various Denver chiropractors, always remember to examine their online reviews. If all the testimonials are glowing, you might have found a great chiropractor for your needs. Negative reviews can be clear red flags that a chiropractor may not be the best fit for you.

Minimal Experience

When you become ill, you need to visit a doctor. But, which doctor should you go see? It’s highly likely that you will avoid inexperienced practitioners and go with a more accomplished doctor instead. You should approach your decision between Denver chiropractors in the same way.

Chiropractors can range broadly in terms of their experiences. If a chiropractor is new to the field, they will be more prone to making mistakes. You definitely don’t want your chiropractor to mess up while they’re adjusting your spine. As you review your chiropractic options, try to find out a few things, like:

  • How long have they been practicing chiropractic care with clients directly?
  • What level of education do they currently possess?
  • Exactly how long have they been working at their current chiropractic clinic?

The experience of a chiropractor is very important. If a chiropractor is relatively inexperienced, you should look for another option.

Scare Tactics

Sooner or later, you’ll feel confident enough with a chiropractor to go in for an initial consultation. That first meeting is a chance to learn more about each chiropractor and gauge your comfort level with them. Make sure you pay attention to how the chiropractor makes you feel. During the consultation, does it feel like the chiropractor is trying to scare you into returning for a second visit? If so, then consider this a big red flag. High-quality chiropractors will never use scare tactics on their clients.

During this initial consultation, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are they exaggerating your condition?
  • Do they insist that you need to visit their office every single week?
  • Do you feel overly anxious/frightened during or after your appointment?

If you say yes to any of these questions, they are not the right chiropractic option for you. Your chiropractor should never try to scare you into becoming a client. Chiropractors should only ever try to improve your health and ease your mind. If they utilize any scare tactics, then you should schedule another consultation elsewhere.

Unable To Answer Questions

You can generally assume that most Denver chiropractors are quite knowledgeable in their field. They should be able to provide clear answers for any chiropractic questions that pop into your head. These questions and answers help establish a trusting relationship between you and your chiropractor. By demonstrating their expertise verbally, you’ll feel more comfortable and prepared to work with them.

If a chiropractor is unable or unwilling to answer your questions, consider this a big red flag. A lack of clear answers to your questions could indicate a number of things. It could possibly mean that:

  • They don’t value customer service.
  • They’re not as educated or experienced as they might claim.
  • Or maybe they just aren’t confident in their techniques or treatments.

Regardless, you should be wary of a chiropractor if they can’t answer your questions.

Impossible Cure Claims

Studies have shown that chiropractic care can provide effective pain relief for a number of chronic conditions. Research has also revealed that chiropractic care can boost your health in a number of ways that aren’t related to your spinal health. However, that does not mean that chiropractic care is a cure for the impossible!

Chiropractic care is not magic. It is definitely not the end-all cure for any kind of health problem. If a chiropractor claims that they can fully cure specific health conditions with their hands, don’t trust them! They are most likely exaggerating about the quality of their services to lure you in. Never trust those outrageous chiropractic health claims! You should only work with Denver chiropractors who acknowledge the limitations of their services.

No Treatment Plan

Have you ever worked with a chiropractor who wants to keep you as a client indefinitely? They might provide temporary pain relief for you, but they aren’t concerned with improving your condition at all. They just want to have a standing weekly appointment with you for the rest of your life. It’s a shady practice of some chiropractors to boost their paychecks. That is not the kind of treatment that you deserve.

Ideally, your chiropractor should develop a comprehensive treatment plan for you. They should take into account all of your pain problems to craft a personalized plan with a roughly defined end date. With each appointment, they should be checking in on your progress:

  • What has changed for you?
  • Do you feel like your pain has improved or worsened?
  • Which symptoms are still present and which ones are gone?

Your chiropractor should only be concerned with one thing: improving your health. They should strive to improve your conditions enough to where you never have to see their chiropractic office again. It might sound strange, but this is a sign of a high-quality chiropractor. As you compare Denver chiropractors, make sure they can develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Book Your Consultation With One Of The Best Denver Chiropractors

You deserve high-quality chiropractic care, and that’s what you’ll get at Ideal Health Chiropractic. We strive to develop highly personalized treatment plans for each client. We prioritize education, to make sure every client is fully informed on our processes and their treatment plan. We’re invested in your success and we’ll leverage our years of experience to benefit you.

Book your initial consultation with Ideal Health today to see why we stand out in the crowd of Denver chiropractors.

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In the great city of Denver, there is no shortage of chiropractic options. Even in the suburbs of Aurora and Littleton, you can find chiropractors all over the place. However, that doesn’t mean all those chiropractors are the same. The quality of chiropractic care can range wildly throughout the Mile High city. Some may be exceptional and friendly, while others might be rude and pushy. So, what makes a good chiropractor? We put together a simple list of the 4 most identifiable qualities of the best chiropractors in Denver. When you’re choosing your next chiropractic option, make sure they display these qualities first.

“Homework” Assignments

Nobody likes homework. From elementary students to PhD candidates, homework can feel like a boring and tedious chore. Of course, those homework assignments aim to improve and maintain the skills of the students. The best chiropractors in Denver will always assign you some homework for a similar reason.

The assignments you receive won’t be worksheets or essays. Instead, your homework will be a series of personalized stretches that are designed to improve your health and flexibility in the long-term. Stretching is one of the best things that you can do for your health and your chiropractor should understand that.

High-quality chiropractors are invested in your health. They shouldn’t want to keep seeing you every week for years and years. Their priority should be to minimize your number of chiropractic appointments. Those homework stretches will help you accomplish that goal. If you complete your stretching routine every day, you’ll never have to see that chiropractor again! And only the best chiropractors in Denver will want that to happen.

Clear, Personable, And Consistent Communication

Nothing is worse than a chiropractor with poor communication skills. We’ve all seen those chiropractic clinics that are more focused on seeing 10 patients in an hour than providing the care that their clients need. They don’t answer questions effectively and they just breeze through spinal adjustments as quickly as possible. That’s not the kind of attention that you deserve.

The best chiropractors in Denver will provide a better form of communication. When you go in for a spinal adjustment a high-quality chiropractor should:

  • Be friendly and happy to see you.
  • Clearly communicate every piece of their treatment strategy to you.
  • Listen attentively to your needs and answer all of your questions.
  • Adjust your treatment accordingly to effectively alleviate your pain.

You should receive that same quality of communication every time you see them. Consistent and open communication is the key to effective chiropractic care.

Utilize Innovative Treatments

There is a long history behind the field of chiropractic care. The first recorded spinal adjustment was performed in 1895 by DD Palmer, the father of the modern chiropractic practice. Throughout that lengthy history, different philosophies rose and fell while scientific breakthroughs occurred too. After all that time, spinal adjustments are still the most common chiropractic treatment. They’ve stuck around for so long because they work so well. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the perfect treatment for you.

Chiropractic care is evolving all the time and new treatments emerge consistently. The best chiropractors in Denver will offer innovative and effective therapies to alleviate your pain. Their available treatments should branch out far beyond the typical spinal adjustment.

At Ideal Health Chiropractic, for instance, we’re proud to offer electronic stimulation therapy. This incredible treatment uses electrical pulses to stimulate the underlying muscles of your pain area. Those pulses cause the muscles to react, twitch, and relax. The e-stim process helps re-educate your muscles and support a natural healing process back to their original state. It’s an innovative treatment option that is only offered by the best chiropractors in Denver.

A Focus On Your Health

Have you ever worked with a chiropractor who is only focused on their paycheck? It's an all-too-common reality that far too many people have to live through on a daily basis. Your chiropractor shouldn't be focused on trying to retain you as a client for as long as possible. Instead, your chiropractor should be focused on one thing and one thing only: your health.

That means your chiropractor should develop a personalized treatment plan for you with a target end-date. Their end goal should really be to help you improve your well-being enough so that you never have to visit them again! It may sound counter intuitive, but we assure you it isn't. The leading chiropractors will do everything in their power to improve your overall health. And, as time goes on, they will reevaluate your progress and adjust your treatment plan accordingly, to continue delivering the maximum benefit possible to you.

Book Your First Appointment With One Of The Best Chiropractors In Denver

You deserve the best treatment for your chronic pain problems. That means you need someone who is invested in your health and wellness. At Ideal Health Chiropractic, we’re not in this business to make a quick buck. We’re here to provide the optimal chiropractic care for your individual needs. We’ll develop a highly personalized treatment plan to effectively alleviate your recurring pain problems. It’s what makes us one of the best chiropractors in Denver.

Are you ready to find effective pain relief? Then book your first appointment with Ideal Health Chiropractic today!

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Finding the right chiropractic care for you can be difficult. With so many chiropractic options to choose from, it can quickly feel like an overwhelming process, especially when you need immediate chiropractic attention. At Ideal Health Chiropractic, we understand how important it is to choose the best chiropractor for you. So, we developed this simple checklist to help you find the best chiropractor in Denver for your needs.

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