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Friday, 16 November 2018 07:24

Chiropractic And Physical Therapy In Denver

Chiropractic medicine and physical therapy often go hand in hand when it comes to health and wellness. Many people utilize these types of alternative treatments and therapies to resolve chronic pain, injuries, and other problems they may be facing. At our chiropractic office, we get a ton of recurring questions from clients new and old about the connections between physical therapy and the chiropractic practice. Should you get a chiropractic adjustment and physical therapy manipulation the same day? Would one therapy offer more benefits over the other? As a top option for chiropractic and physical therapy in Denver, we wanted to clear the air on these two topics and how they’re related.

Chiropractic Care

If you’re experiencing chronic back pain or bodily pain, then a chiropractic adjustment could be exactly what you need to find pain relief. Chiropractic care involves the subtle manipulation of your bones and joints. Your chiropractor will expertly adjust your neck, spine, and other joints to promote proper alignment within the body. Chiropractic adjustments are not aggressive or rough by any means, but they are often quick. In fact, most chiropractic adjustments do not last longer than 15 minutes. This manipulation often requires fast, precise movements.

Physical Therapy Modalities

The general public is often more familiar with what they can expect at a massage appointment - more so than they are with what to expect at a chiropractor appointment. When you receive a massage, your therapist works with the soft tissue to break down edema and other aggravations that may be a source of your pain. This is done through deep, long strokes that break down the build up of fluid or tissue in the body.

While a chiropractic adjustment can help alleviate pain, sometimes it just isn’t enough to address the underlying factors and causes of your pain. In some cases, your pain may be derived from the soft tissues of your muscles, which cannot be properly addressed by chiropractic care. That’s where physical therapy can come in handy.

At Ideal Health Chiropractic, we additionally offer a number of physical therapy modalities to pair with our chiropractic care. These modalities include:

  • Ultrasound therapy/Electric stimulation therapy
  • Cupping therapy
  • Foam rollers
  • Handheld massagers
  • And more

These physical therapies are commonly used to address the underlying problems in your soft tissues. And these modalities have been shown to be effective treatments for a number of conditions and pain problems.

Should You Seek Chiropractic And Physical Therapy In Denver?

Clearly both chiropractic care and physical therapy have a lot of benefits to offer you. And there is honestly no reason why you should prefer one treatment over the other. In fact, when you merge both therapies together, you’ll reap the maximum benefits possible from both treatments.

For instance, let’s assume you receive a chiropractic adjustment and e-stim therapy in quick succession. In this scenario, your skeletal system would become properly aligned once more and the pain you endure will be alleviated thanks to the electrical currents delivered directly to your soft tissue. This is essentially a one-two punch to boost your well-being and address your pain problems right at the source.

Do You Really Need A Physical Therapy Modality?

Not necessarily. On any given day, we see plenty of patients for simple chiropractic adjustments. For many people, they only need a monthly visit to the chiropractor to achieve the pain relief they need. For many others, the quick manipulation of the spine just simply isn’t enough to properly address their pain issues.

If you’re on the fence about which method will prove best for you, then you should speak with our chiropractor at Ideal Health Chiropractic. Our highly experienced chiropractor, Dr. Gregory Funk, has extensive knowledge of the human body and he will be able to properly assess your pain problems. After a quick consultation, Dr. Funk will develop a personalized treatment plan for your needs to help get your body in proper alignment and address the underlying pain problems in your muscular system. If needed, your plan will involve both chiropractic care and physical therapy. And believe us: after your appointment, you will notice the enhanced benefits from both types of treatments as they work together to keep your body in a healthy, properly functioning state.

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