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Booking you first chiropractor appointment with Ideal Health Chiropractic is simple, easy, and free!

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Are you interested in booking a chiropractic appointment with Ideal Health Chiropractic? Then you are in the right place! Thanks to the intuitive nature of our online booking system, booking your first chiropractor appointment has never been easier! Forget about difficult phone calls and frustrating systems. Our booking system is simple, easy, and above all, free! From new patient consultations to full body adjustments, we offer a wide variety of appointment options for you to choose from. Schedule your first chiropractor appointment, or acupuncture appointment, with our chiropractic staff today! Please use the booking system below to schedule your appointment.

Please indicate if you are a new client in the “Appointment Notes” section. We also ask that when you arrive for your first chiropractor appointment or acupuncture appointment, please try to get to the office roughly 15 minutes early to complete our paperwork. If you experience any problems with the booking system, please let us know on by using our contact form.

Book a Massage

At Ideal Health, we understand that not every pain problem can be simply solved by a chiropractor appointment or two. Some pain problems need other forms of therapy, like acupuncture approaches. But, even those techniques may not be able to solve the roots of your pains. That’s why Ideal Health Chiropractic has partnered with Wayfare Wellness, a massage therapy business that is literally right next door to Ideal Health’s office. Wayfare Wellness offers comprehensive massage therapy options that range from Swedish massage to neuromuscular therapy and even prenatal massage therapy.

Thanks to our mutually beneficial partnership, any massage therapy sessions you schedule can be coordinated with your chiropractor appointments too. Your pain treatment plan is personalized and in-depth, so a combination of chiropractic care and massage therapy could be integrated. Choose the time slot that works best for your schedule and the amount of time that works best for your bodily needs. Book your first massage therapy appointment with Wayfare Wellness today!