Chiropractic And Massage In Denver


Chiropractic medicine and massage therapy often go hand in hand when it comes to health and wellness. Many people utilize these types of alternative treatments and therapies to resolve chronic pain, injuries, and other problems they may be facing. A question we get often is whether you should have your chiropractic adjustment on the same day as a massage. And, if you should, whether you should do one before the other. For chiropractic and massage in Denver, we recommend seeing your chiropractor first and then booking your massage. Let us tell you why.

The Chiropractic Experience

If you have never had a chiropractic adjustment before, you may not know what to expect or understand how having an adjustment after your massage can be counterproductive to the benefits of both chiropractic and massage treatment. In layman’s terms, chiropractic deals with your bones and joints while massage handles the soft tissue. Chiropractic adjustments are not aggressive or rough, by any means, but what they are is quick. Adjusting the neck, spine, or other joint in the body to promote proper alignment requires your chiropractor to manipulate the extremities and the joints themselves. This manipulation requires fast, precise movements on behalf of your chiropractor.

The Massage Experience

The general public is often more familiar with what they can expect at a massage appointment – more so than they are with what to expect at a chiropractor appointment. When you receive a massage, your therapist works with the soft tissue to break down edema and other aggravations that may be a source of your pain. This is done through deep, long strokes that break down the build up of fluid or tissue in the body.

So, Which Comes First?

There are a number of benefits to seeing your chiropractor and massage therapist in quick succession. Often, the two will have relationships with practitioners in the other field they can refer you to. Because the soft tissue and your joints are closely related, especially when it comes to pain, it makes sense that you’d want to work on both to get the maximum benefit. As we mentioned, there is an ideal order for chiropractic and massage in Denver so that you can enjoy these benefits. Your chiropractic adjustment should happen first, then you should schedule a massage.

Why Chiropractic Then Massage?

The reason this order matters is because of the execution of the treatment. When you get a massage, your therapist works to relax the soft tissue that is aggravated in your body. When you try to manipulate stubborn joints following this, you can undo the work that your massage therapist has done to relax your muscles. They will likely tense up as a natural reaction to the quick, precise movements your chiropractor performs. At that point, your massage has been for nothing and you likely won’t be able to reap the maximum benefits of the chiropractic adjustment, either.

See your chiropractor first. Allow them to get your body into proper alignment so that your massage therapist can help your soft tissue adjust to the correct positioning of your body. When you do chiropractic and massage in Denver, you will noticed enhanced benefits from both types of treatments as they work together to keep your body in a healthy, properly functioning state.

Dr. Greg Funk at Ideal Health works closely with LMT, Sarah Monreal, at Wayfare Wellness to help patients experience the benefits of chiropractic and massage in Denver. Book your appointment today and start feeling your best.

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