Monday, 31 August 2020 09:24

5 Things You Can Learn From A Chiropractor Consultation

When it comes to booking your first chiropractor consultation, you can learn quite a bit. You'll not only learn what to expect from an actual adjustment but also about the doctor themselves and the proposed treatment plan. If you’re considering chiropractic care, it’s a good idea to do your research and know what to expect. At Ideal Health Chiropractic, we know that booking your first appointment can be a little intimidating, that’s why we put together this handy guide of the 5 things you can learn during a chiropractor consultation.

What To Expect

By the end of your first consultation, you should feel like you know what to expect from your appointments going forward. At your chiropractic consultation, everything should be laid out in detail. A responsible chiropractor will also make sure to first discuss payment options to ensure there are no surprises. Many chiropractors even take insurance, which makes things easy. You should make it a point to discuss where you are feeling the most pain and what you would like targeted in your adjustments. At the beginning of your visit, be sure to discuss your goals for your sessions and your chiropractor will turn this into a treatment plan.

Your Treatment Plan

Next, your chiropractor should lay out a dedicated treatment plan for you. Every reputable chiropractor will put in the extra effort to create a personalized plan for all of their clients. This plan will go over how many appointments your chiropractor is expecting for you, how often treatment should occur, and what you’ll be targeting. The plan will be an easy way to set reasonable expectations and maximize results.

The Reason For Your Pain

After your chiropractor has looked over your pain areas, they will be able to assess the reason, or the likely reason, for your pain. Believe it or not, a good chiropractor will actually want to limit the number of sessions you receive. So with that being said, they’ll look at the reasons for discomfort and create some exercises you can do to reinforce the work you do with your chiropractor to improve long-term outcomes.

On-going Homework Assignments

At your initial chiropractic consultation, you’ll likely receive a few “homework” assignments to keep you feeling the best even outside of the office. These could be simple stretches, exercises, or even some healthy habits they recommend you adapt into your routine. A good chiropractor knows that the end goal is to keep you feeling great without constant reliance on chiropractic adjustments.

If The Chiropractor Is Right For You

Lastly, you should learn right away from your chiropractor consultation if they are right for you. Try to look for red flags and make sure you’re feeling good with the way they conduct themselves. Ask yourself: Do you feel comfortable? Do you trust them? Do you like them? These are good questions to ask to determine if you should keep seeing this particular doctor. First time adjustments can be intimidating, you shouldn’t settle for a chiropractor unless you think they are the perfect fit!

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