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Denver Custom Shoe Orthotics

Considering the majority of our weight rests on our feet, it’s no surprise that foot injuries and abnormalities are increasingly common in today’s population. While you’ve probably seen various shoe inserts on TV and in stores, you may not be aware of all the benefits custom shoe orthotics can offer. Prescription or custom orthotics are specifically designed to fit the shape of your foot; they are uniquely crafted for you to perfectly fit the shape of your foot to create more comfort and support. They are especially beneficial for addressing a variety of ailments and issues, including plantar fasciitis and heel pain, arch pain, sprains, pain caused by bunions, and athletic pain. Although foot orthotics do not correct foot problems, they help to shift foot structures to increase functionality and reduce the potential for injury.

The Two Types of Custom Shoe Orthotics

Custom shoe orthotics are separated into two major categories.

The first, called functional orthotics, adjust irregular motion in the foot and ankle joints. They are often used to address injuries such as tendinitis and shin splints as well as to treat pain stemming from irregular movements. Functional orthotics are typically made from a harder material like graphite or plastic.

The second category consists of accommodative orthotics, which are meant to give extra support and protection. They are typically made from a softer material and are often used to address issues such as diabetic foot ulcers and calluses on the bottom of the foot.

Custom Designs In Denver

Although custom orthotics typically cost more than shoe inserts available in retail locations, the cost is well worth it. Custom shoe orthotics are uniquely made to fit the specific design of your foot, so they can address specific foot and ankle issues. They are also made of top-of-the-line materials which are more durable and will last longer than those purchased elsewhere. Often, insurance companies are able to cover part or all of the cost of custom orthotics.

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