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3 Prevention Tips from our Neck Pain Chiropractor in Denver

Navigating your daily responsibilities can feel like a nightmare when you're experiencing neck pain. Those aches and pains in your neck can drastically limit your mobility and impede your ability to do the things you enjoy. For those reasons, prevention is key when it comes to avoiding neck pain. Our chiropractor in Denver has outlined some insightful strategies and tips to help you overcome neck pain before it even starts to occur.

If you follow these bits of advice, you can put yourself on the right track for a pain-free lifestyle. Even if you don't stick to these tips every day, your efforts will gradually build over time. Remember: incremental improvements lead to long-term results.

Avoid Neck Pain with our Chiropractor in Denver

If you are currently experiencing neck pain, the best thing you can do is visit a chiropractic clinic. Those spinal specialists will be able to help provide immediate pain relief and share personalized recommendations on how to keep pain at bay in between appointments.

But when you keep these tips in mind every day, you'll be able to steer clear of the chiropractic clinic altogether. Here's how.

1. Stretch Consistently and Habitually

The best way to prevent pain is to stretch your body! From our hunter-gatherer days, the human body has always been designed for regular activity and consistent motion. Unfortunately, far too many people in our modern era work 9-5 office jobs, where they sit for hours on end without moving significantly. The resulting poor posture and lack of physical activity will cause your muscles to become stiff, and that will lead to musculoskeletal pains.

To maintain your mobility and keep your musculoskeletal system active throughout the day, get into the habit of stretching every few hours throughout the day. You don't need to do a whole 10-minute stretching routine though! Even just 1-2 minutes of arm, leg, and neck stretches will do wonders for your mobility.

You can keep neck pain at bay by setting a reminder every two hours or so to get up, walk around, and gently stretch your neck.

2. Re-Evaluate How You Sleep

How do you typically sleep at night? Your neck pain may be caused or inflamed by sleeping in the wrong position. For instance, sleeping on your stomach will force you to turn your head to the side throughout the night, which places excess stress on your neck.

But it's not just about your sleeping position. It's also about the type of pillow you use. When you're sleeping, it's important to maintain the proper alignment of the spine, and if your pillow is too firm, it may tilt or elevate your head to an awkward angle.

When you lay down for the night, make sure you think about the position of your head and how that affects the rest of your spine.

3. Make Ergonomic Changes to Your Workstation

As we mentioned earlier, desk jobs can be detrimental to your neck health and cause significant pain over time. As such, it's a good idea to make sure your workstation is ergonomically comfortable and efficient. Here are some ways to accomplish that goal:

  • Adjust your chair so your feet are planted firmly on the floor and your thighs are parallel to the ground
  • Choose a desk height that allows your forearms to be parallel with the floor when you type
  • Position your monitor so that you aren't constantly looking down and straining your neck

If possible, see if you can acquire an adjustable desk that can go from sitting to standing positions. Having those two options will be very beneficial for your mobility and pain prevention needs.

Got Neck Pain? Our Chiropractor in Denver Can Help

Are you struggling with neck pain today? Or another type of pain? We can help at Ideal Health Chiropractic. For over 20 years, we've helped people across the Denver metro area find lasting pain relief thanks to our personalized treatment plans and evidence-based therapies. Our neck pain chiropractor in Denver will carefully evaluate your pain relief needs and health history to develop custom chiropractic care treatments for you. Plus, we'll share many other pain prevention insights with you during your appointment.

Ready to get started? Book your appointment with Ideal Health Chiropractic today and find lasting relief from your neck pain.