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How to Prepare for your Denver Chiropractic Appointment

If it’s your first visit, your chiropractor will provide an initial consultation to discuss your condition. However, it may be worthwhile to get an idea of the treatment you are looking to receive in advance. If you have already seen other doctors, chiropractors, or other health care professionals for your condition, be sure to bring any relevant records with you to the appointment.

Chiropractors tend to take a holistic approach to medicine, so it’s wise to get your chiropractor up to speed on your medical history. That insightful information will help your chiropractor learn more about your personal health and ensure they provide the best treatment possible. It’s better to get a full understanding of your current overall health, not just the specific body part that is currently experiencing pain.

Additionally, don’t forget to bring any insurance ID cards or other paperwork that you might need. If you aren't sure about what your insurance will cover, you might want to call them and ask your pressing questions prior to the appointment.

On the day of the actual appointment, there are a few more steps you can take to prepare.

Arrive Early

Space out enough time in your day as you would for a typical doctor's appointment, even though chiropractors are notorious for their 15-minute pop-n-go treatments. Arriving early will ensure you have enough time to go through any preliminary steps to the appointment. Like all medical office visits, there is always a little paperwork to complete, such as new patient forms.

Prepare for a Consultation

Are you ready to tell your chiropractor everything you can about your pain? To ensure there are no miscommunications, it’s helpful to have specific details on things like:

  • What you’re feeling
  • How it started
  • How long you have had it when it happens
  • What seems to make the pain worse or better
  • And what you have been doing to ease your pain can help your doctor learn what treatment plan will work best for you.

During the consultation, it is likely that you will undergo a physical exam. For this reason, it is recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing that won’t restrict any movement.

Bring Questions

At the end of your initial consultation, your chiropractor will make a treatment plan for you. This can entail future chiropractic visits and at-home strategies to reduce pain. Be certain that you clearly understand your treatment plan and ask any questions before you leave. Some general questions to bring with you are:

  1. Can you offer any preventative techniques?
  2. What is your philosophy for treatment?
  3. Do you have any references?

By asking these questions, you can better understand how your specialist practices. The first appointment with a new doctor is an opportunity for both the patient and doctor to get to know each other. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask any questions to ensure you are getting the right treatment for your condition.

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