Wednesday, 06 July 2016 08:51

What to Expect After a Spine Adjustment

Everyone’s body responds differently to a spinal adjustment. Even regular chiropractic visits can elicit different responses after each visit because different areas of the body may be targeted throughout your chiropractic care. Over the course of your spine adjustment and chiropractic treatment, you may experience the following reactions after receiving an adjustment.

Spine Adjustment: What to Expect

Instant Pain Relief

Many patients feel immediate pain relief after their spinal adjustments. The sense of relief is quite noticeable especially if someone’s body has spent years in misalignment. While everyone’s responses vary, many patients feel more relaxed after a spinal adjustment. Some may feel a surge of energy through their body because their nerves are open and working properly first time in years.

Muscle Soreness

Patients may feel a slight amount of soreness or ache in the spinal joints. Soreness around the subluxation (stuck joints) is normal. It’s the area where muscles have been pulling for a long time. After a spinal adjustment, your chiropractor may recommend hot/cold treatments and pain relievers to reduce swelling and inflammation.

New Muscle Memory

Patients may feel their equilibrium is slightly off after a spinal adjustment. This is especially true if a patient’s spine has been misaligned for years. Their muscle memory learned incorrect postures, so the body needs to relearn correct posture and proper alignment. It’s important at this stage to practice good posture and stretching techniques.

No Change

Sometimes patients don’t feel any differently after their first spine adjustment. This is completely normal. There are many instances where your body won’t be completely healed after just one adjustment. Your chiropractor will assess your baseline and track your progress to make sure you are responding to treatment.

Scheduling Your Next Spine Adjustment

Immediate relief after a chiropractic adjustment does not mean a permanent reprieve. Chronic or severe pain oftentimes requires several adjustments before the spine can be fully restored to correct alignment. Patients who experience immediate relief are reminded that severe subluxations have likely existed for a long time, and we urge them to complete their entire treatment plan to achieve optimal results.

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